9 Best acoustic guitars [2021]

Whether you’re a professional or someone looking to get into music, there is no denying that choosing a good guitar is not an easy task. There are many things to consider when looking for the best acoustic guitars out there. There is a budget to be aware of, which can also depend on your interest in the matter; if you are just starting it may be best to choose something between a good price and quality.

These days there are many manufacturers and different models, so it makes it harder to choose from the sea of acoustic guitars this world has to offer. So before you take a deep dive and maybe drown yourself with options, think of this article as a little boat trip where you can see your options and play it a bit more safely.

To help you make the big decision, this list will show you some of the best options, including a short description, some of their pros and cons, and ultimately, should you buy and why you should buy.

Ibanez AEW40ZW-NT

This one comes off as one of the best acoustic guitars as it is known for being very comfortable to play. The body is made from zebrawood tonewood, while its rosewood-topped mahogany neck which makes it feels extraordinary, standing out from most guitar designs. It looks expensive, but it’s not as expensive as it seems, it goes for a fairly standard acoustic guitar price.
The sound can be just as good unplugged as it is plugged. This electro-acoustic guitar offers amazing projection and a good balance between consistent mids, bright highs, and lows that make it a very complete sounding guitar. And of course, being an electro-acoustic guitar there is a large space for variety.

Blueridge BR-40

This acoustic guitar comes with a fairly simple design which may appeal to you or not. Depending on how you see it, it could be a generic looking guitar or a vintage style guitar. The only issue with its design is that the frets are scratchy and it can become a problem when pulling of vibrato sounds with the strings. In terms of its sound, you could say it’s a standard quality range, which means that it fits different types of playing. It’s quite balanced and it doesn’t lean too much on the bright sound or the bass. This is a very good option for someone that doesn’t have too much experience and also doesn’t want to hurt their wallet that much.

Takamine GD93-NAT

Takamine’s are made of a dreadnought made of a solid spruce top, which is paired with rosewood sides and a three-piece rosewood/quilt maple back. The Takamine is also a high-end brand that accomplishes a great amount of success in the mid-range category while keeping the good quality of higher priced products. This acoustic guitar is a very good looking one, with a bоdу рurflіng, dаrk wооd rоѕеttе, аnd ѕуnthеtіс bоnе nut аnd ѕрlіt ѕаddlе. Тhе hеаdѕtосk аnd brіdgе rock a nice rоѕеwооd аnd thе frеtbоаrd hаѕ аbаlоnе dоt іnlауѕ which also makes thе dоtѕ оn thе whіtе brіdgе ріnѕ a match.

Cordoba C7 SP

The Cordoba has a solid European spruce top, Indian rosewood sides and also in the back and a rosewood bridge and fingerboard. This one has a very traditional design which appeals to those looking for a classical Spanish acoustic guitar sound. It also has fan bracing, which is preferred for classical guitars rather than lattice bracing; this helps the sound be more balanced and allows for better vibration.
This may not be the best choice for a beginner, however, if you are interested in a traditional classical sound, this is a perfect choice, with great playability and reliability.

Fender CD-60SCE

This fender electro-acoustic guitar is a great mid-level choice that offers a robust design and a very good sound projection. This is a classic design made of solid spruce which does not only look amazing but gives off the excellent sounds thanks to the way it was built. It comes with the large dreadnought size for comfortable play and wide projection, which is highly suited for music such as folk.
This one has a very comfortable size and it’s quite easy to play. The only big issue with this one comes from playing with the strap since it’s not comfortable or safe and it has glued strap pegs.

Yamaha FG700S

The Yamaha FG700S deserves to be one of the best acoustic guitars for many reasons, one of which is being a very popular design despite its flaws. Built with Sitka Spruce with a beautiful grain and natural finish, rosewood for the fingerwood and nato wood for the sides and the back. It also has a good thick sound for acoustic rock and blues.


If you go with this guitar you can be sure you are going for great quality, this is because the whole world knows Gibson delivers some of the best guitars in the world, and Epiphone is a subsidiary of Gibson. This means that the price will be better than a standard Gibson guitar, but bringing the same great quality that Gibson has to offer. From all of these best acoustic guitars, this is one of the cheapest guitars you can find.
It has a good all-round sound that mixes well with its electro-acoustic capabilities. This acoustic guitar looks amazing; it shows off a 1960s look. It is made with laminated mahogany on the front, back, and side of the guitar and a twenty-fret rosewood neck. However, the downside of having a twenty fret neck is that you cannot actually reach every single one since the body is not cut out and does not allow it.

Yamaha FS850

The FS is made of solid mahogany top and wood edge-binding, abalone sound hole inlay and fine white coach- line inside its black-bound fingerboard and headstock. It can be too small for some people; however, it is a comfortable design. Because of this, it may be a comfortable design for younger acoustic guitar players.
In terms of sound, it offers a round compressed sound with less focus on bass and more on highs probably due to its size.

Seagull S6 Original

The S6 is one of the most popular acoustic guitars on the market, made of solid cedar top and Canadian Wild Cherry for its back and sides.
First of all, one of the most notable aspects of the Seagull S6 is that it’s one of the few guitars that are handmade in Canada, which of course makes it shine in its quality.
It also has a very bright tone that makes it sound like a guitar that’s twice its price. This guitar offers a great midrange, complete with its design, quality, and playability. While it’s not the cheapest acoustic guitar, it does offer a lot more than you’d expect, and due to its beginner-friendly design, it makes for a good option for a first guitar.

Final words

In the end, it all comes down to the one you like, however it is better to have some ideas in mind before going for it. It’s not easy choosing an acoustic guitar that will suit your needs, but hopefully, after reading about the best acoustic guitars, you may have some insight into which qualities you should be looking for in a guitar, whether you are professional or an amateur.
Yes, even for a professional it’s a good idea to be up to date with new models. And of course, a second opinion never hurts. For amateurs or people who are completely new to guitar playing, hopefully now you’ve realized that it also depends on what you want, it’s not as easy as finding the best acoustic guitar, that’s why it’s not a top 9, these are just 9, and depending on the type of sound you want, the size, the looks, and the price, you’ll get the one you need.

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