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Ibanez gax70

The Ibanez GAX70 is an electric guitar that belongs to the GIO series, which is designed for beginners and intermediate players who want an affordable and reliable instrument. The GAX70 has a solid double-cutaway body made of agathis wood, which is known for its balanced tone and durability. The body has a glossy finish and comes in different colors, including black, white, red, and blue.

The neck of the GAX70 is made of maple and has a bolt-on joint with four screws, which provides stability and sustain. The neck has a thin profile and a rosewood fretboard with 22 medium-sized frets and dot inlays. The fretboard radius is 305mm, which is comfortable for chord playing and soloing. The scale length is 628mm, which is standard for most electric guitars.

The GAX70 has two humbucking pickups, one in the neck position and one in the bridge position. The pickups are passive and have ceramic magnets, which produce a bright and punchy sound. The pickups are controlled by a three-way toggle switch, a master volume knob, and a master tone knob. The tone knob has a push-pull function, which allows you to split the coils of the pickups and get a single-coil sound.

The hardware of the GAX70 is made of chrome and includes a fixed bridge, six die-cast tuners, and a plastic nut. The bridge is simple and reliable, and the tuners are smooth and accurate. The nut is not the best quality, but it does its job.

The overall build quality of the GAX70 is good, considering its price range. The guitar feels solid and comfortable to play, and the finish is flawless. The sound of the GAX70 is versatile and suitable for different genres, such as rock, blues, and metal. The pickups are not the most powerful or dynamic, but they are decent for a beginner guitar.

The GAX70 comes with a gig bag, a strap, and a cable, which is a nice bonus for beginners who don’t have these accessories. The guitar is also backed by a one-year warranty from Ibanez.

In conclusion, the Ibanez GAX70 is a great value for money guitar that offers a decent sound and playability for beginners and intermediate players. The guitar has some limitations, such as the quality of the nut and the pickups, but these can be upgraded later on. Overall, the GAX70 is a solid choice for anyone who wants a reliable and affordable electric guitar.