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Martin Backpacker Travel Guitar Review

Martin Backpacker Travel Guitar Review 1If you are a musician who enjoys such trips as camping or backpacking and traveling in general, you know how hard it can be to keep your fingers in practice with an instrument like a guitar. Only a few people I’ve ever known have been crazy enough to take their full size guitar with them on a prolonged trip. Not only is it terribly heavy and difficult to board or carry, but the ever-changing humidity and temperatures can reek havoc on a nice instrument. And if you are thinking about boarding your expensive guitar on a plane, think again. There are way too many people that have horror stories about guitars being broken or badly damaged en route.

There is a better way to travel and stay in practice at the same time. With the steel string Martin Backpacker Travel Guitar you can keep your fingers in practice and your full size guitar safe for your trip. However if you’ve never tried one of these travel guitars, you might be thinking that their sound quality or action is poor. I can assure you that the sound quality of the Martin Backpacker Travel Guitar is amazing and the action almost identical to that of a full size guitar. Plus these travel guitars are sturdy but beautiful, containing the traditional Martin workmanship that one has come to expect from the Martin brand.

These compact guitars have become one of my favorite parts about sitting around a campfire in the summer. It has truly become a wonderful companion to the many trips I take, both backpacking and camping. I would strongly recommend this steel string Martin Backpacker Travel Guitar to anyone who is a serious musician. I would also recommend it to anyone who enjoys playing music on camping trips or when traveling. Whether or not you are a serious musician, you can have some serious fun with this compact, durable Martin guitar.

Don’t take a chance by bringing your full size guitar with you on a trip. There’s just too much that can possibly go wrong. Instead invest in one of Martin’s backpacker guitars to take with you instead. You will love the size and weight of this wonderful traveling guitar. Plus you will keep you fingers limber so you won’t miss a note when your vacation ends!

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