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Washburn Taurus T24 Bass Guitar Review

The Washburn Taurus T24 bass guitar is not only unique in its design but it has also been crafted beautifully to be a great bass guitar. You’ll find that this guitar is perfect for the pros, if you or someone has been playing for years and has experience, this is a great guitar to choose. If you’d like to check out other bass guitars to find the right one for you, take a look at our review of best bass guitars.

Washburn Taurus T24 – Design and features

With a body designed from mahogany a neck from a combination of maple and mahogany, the Taurus T24 gives an amazing feeling that you’ll love. This bass guitar comes in a beautiful deep brown color with a matte finish, and the shape of the guitar is truly unique in itself as well. The ebony fingerboard is different than most rosewood fingerboards, allowing much more ease and comfort while playing. You could play for hours and still feel comfortable, the T24 is very smooth playing.

The Washburn Taurus T24 is equipped with pickups that give it a great, low growling tone. A great feature that this bass has is separate volume and tone controls for each pick up which allows you to get the sound you’re looking for much easier. You’ll be able to create your own unique sound with the T24, helping you to stand out from the crowd completely, making this bass guitar truly worth buying.

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